Workforce Diversity

The Winnipeg Regional Health Authority is committed to having a workforce that that is reflective of the diverse nature of the communities we serve, which includes people from Winnipeg and surrounding areas, Manitoba, Nunavut and Northwestern Ontario. This is why we have made creating a diverse workforce an organizational priority.

We value diversity for the following reasons:

  • a workforce that represents the communities we serve helps us to understand the issues and concerns of the people we serve better;
  • it helps us come up with new ideas and ways of addressing issues in our health care system, and it encourages creativity and innovation;
  • it helps staff to become more engaged in the work they do, which leads to increased job satisfaction; and
  • it assists us in being recognized as an employer of choice, and it helps our efforts to recruit and retain staff.

Aboriginal applicants are encouraged to self-declare when applying for jobs in our health region. Click here to learn more about Aboriginal workforce development services available through Aboriginal Health Programs.

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