Personal Care Homes

The following is a list of the Personal Care Homes within the Winnipeg health region.

St. James Community Area

Deer Lodge Centre
2109 Portage Avenue, R3J 0L3
Tel: 837-1301
Fax: 889-0430
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Golden West Centennial Lodge
811 School Road, R2Y 0S8
Tel: 888-3311
Fax: 831-0544
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Heritage Lodge
3555 Portage Avenue, R3K 0X2
Tel: 888-7940
Fax: 832-6544

Extendicare / Oakview Place
2395 Ness Avenue, R3J 1A5
Tel: 888-3005
Fax: 831-8101
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Assiniboine South Community Area

Charleswood Care Centre
5501 Roblin Boulevard, R3R 0G8
Tel: 888-3363
Fax: 896-4763

Extendicare / Tuxedo Villa
2060 Corydon Avenue, R3P 0N3
Tel: 889-2650
Fax: 896-0258
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West Park Manor Personal Care Home, Inc.
3199 Grant Avenue, R3R 1X2
Tel: 889-3330
Fax: 832-9555

Fort Garry Community Area

Golden Door Geriatric Centre
1679 Pembina Highway, R3T 2G6
Tel: 269-6308
Fax: 269-5626
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St. Norbert Nursing Home
50 St. Pierre Street, R3V 1J6
Tel: 269-4538
Fax: 269-6374

The Sharon Home Inc. - The Saul & Claribel Simkin Centre
1 Falconridge Drive
Tel: 586-9781
Fax: 589-9033

St. Vital Community Area

Foyer Valade Inc.
450 River Road, R2M 5M4
Tel: 254-3332
Fax: 254-0329

Golden Links Lodge
2280 St. Mary's Road
Winnipeg, MB R2N 3Z6
Tel: 257-9947
Fax: 257-2405

Meadowood Manor
577 St. Anne's Road, R2M 5B2
Tel: 257-2394
Fax: 254-5402
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River Park Gardens
735 St. Anne's Road
Tel: 255-9073
Fax: 257-6467

Vista Park Lodge
144 Nova Vista Drive, R2N 1P8
Tel: 257-6688
Fax: 257-0446

St. Boniface Community Area

Taché Centre
185 Despins Street, R2H 2B3
Tel: 233-3692
Fax: 233-6803


Park Manor Personal Care Home
301 Redonda Street, R2C 1L7
Tel: 222-3251
Fax: 222-3237

River East Community Area

Bethania Mennonite Personal Care Home Inc.
1045 Concordia Avenue, R2K 3S7
Tel: 667-0795
Fax: 667-7078
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Concordia Place
1000 Molson Avenue
Tel: 661-7372
Fax: 661-7297
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Donwood Manor
171 Donwood Drive, R2G 0V9
Tel: 668-4410
Fax: 663-5249
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Kildonan Personal Care Centre
1970 Henderson Highway, R2G 1P2
Tel: 334-4633
Fax: 334-4632

River East Personal Care Home Ltd.
1375 Molson Street, R2K 4K8
Tel: 668-7460
Fax: 668-7459
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Seven Oaks Community Area

Luther Home
1081 Andrews Street, R2V 2G9
Tel: 338-4641
Fax: 338-4643
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Maples Personal Care Home
500 Mandalay Drive, R2P 1V4
Tel: 632-8570
Fax: 697-0249

Middlechurch Home of Winnipeg Inc.
280 Balderstone Road, West St. Paul, R4A 4A6
Tel: 339-1947
Fax: 334-2503
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St. Joseph's Residence Inc.
1149 Leila Avenue, R2P 1S6
Tel: 697-8031
Fax: 697-8075

Inkster Community Area

Fred Douglas Lodge
1275 Burrows Avenue, R2X 0B8
Tel: 586-8541
Fax: 589-0110
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Point Douglas Community Area

Holy Family Nursing Home
165 Aberdeen Avenue, R2W 1T9
Tel: 589-7381
Fax: 589-8605
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Downtown Community Area

Beacon Hill Lodge
190 Fort Street, R3C 1C9
Tel: 942-7541
Fax: 944-0136

Calvary Place Personal Care Home
1325 Erin Street, R3E 3R6
Tel: 943-4424
Fax: 783-7524

Parkview Place
440 Edmonton Street, R3B 2M4
Tel: 942-5291
Fax: 947-1969

Lions Personal Care Centre
320 Sherbrook Street, R3B 2W6
Tel: 784-1240
Fax: 784-2723

Misericordia Place
44 Furby Street, R3C 2A1
Tel: 788-8152
Fax: 783-6776
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Misericordia Health Centre
99 Cornish Avenue, R3C 1A2
Tel: 788-8152
Fax: 783-6776
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River Heights Community Area

Poseidon Care Centre
70 Poseidon Bay, R3M 3E5
Tel: 452-6204
Fax: 474-2173

Pembina Place Mennonite Personal Care Home
285 Pembina Highway, R3L 2E1
Tel: 284-0802
Fax: 474-0073

Riverview Health Centre
1 Morley Avenue, R3L 2P4
Tel: 478-6203
Fax: 452-3246
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The Convalescent Home of Winnipeg
276 Hugo Street North, R3M 2N6
Tel: 453-4663
Fax: 453-7149 

For further information, phone 831-2963.

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